“…We want the same things…”

—Susanne Barakat

“If we were to peel away all of our layers of fear and hatred, and peel them back until we’re able to see eye-to-eye, and recognize that we’re actually all the same. We want the same things; we want to be loved, we want to belong, we want to live our lives and provide for our children. The only things that actually matter are kindness, compassion and love. If we could peel away our layers, and just get down to the one where we see eye-to-eye—then I think we’d have a very different world.”

Quote from TED Talk Radio Hour, Reconciliation, by Susanne Barakat.

This quote really resonated with me because it falls in the same vein as my earlier post about Conversations.  The more I read, listen and reflect, the more I realize that the best path to peace—both for the whole world and yourself, is to take the time to stop and listen to “the other”. You know that person that looks so different from you? The one with all the radical ideas or weird customs? These are the ones we need to talk to.

Educate yourself. Learn about people, customs, religions, and politics. You don’t need to be convinced by what they say to you, but it is important to listen sincerely.

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