About This Blog

If you came here looking for well-written, well-thought out posts, you’re in the wrong place. I’m just an average person looking for a place to dump my random, sometimes half-baked and disjointed thoughts.

When I have something to write, new articles are published on Tuesdays at 11:00 AM CST.

Half-baked & Disjointed

Sometimes I feel inspired to write, and I might accidentally create something sturdy and worth reading. These articles I tagged as “Author’s Picks” and I invite you to look at those first: Author’s Picks.

However, most of my posts are half-baked and disjointed. It’s not uncommon for me to start a post with a few quick thoughts–I’ll find a subject that seems interesting to me, and paint the shape of it with a broad brush with the intention of coming back later to fill in the details… When I feel like it. Maybe. Usually never. Follow if you want to keep up.

What’s in a Name?

  • For an explanation of the blog’s name, “True Falsehoods”, read this.
  • For a great quote that sums up my blog’s purpose, read this.
  • To understand my motivations for blogging, read this.
  • For a overview of topics that I like to discuss, check out the links at right (if you’re visiting on mobile, at the bottom).

Rated PG-13… R?

Fair warning, I can be foul-mouthed and crude sometimes. I use informal language. I also like to say the word “dude”. I call my boss dude. I call my mom dude. It’s a word I use a lot. Plus swear words. I say “fuck” when the occasion calls for it. You don’t like it? Piss off. This is my space.

I’m an Amateur Thinker

I’m lurking in the shallow end of the deep thought pool.

I readily admit that my ideas are probably amateur. As a graphic designer by trade, I am used to having my designs critiqued–and I know this is the only way I grow as a designer. In the same fashion, if you don’t say anything about my ideas, I don’t learn anything. I invite you to comment if you can help refine my thoughts.

I try to keep my sentences short, my tone conversational, and avoid fancy language so that my thoughts remain concise and easy to follow.

Not an Expert (Except…)

I readily admit that I am not an expert on most of the topics that I discuss in my blog. Most of my articles are opinions are based on observations from my personal life (anecdotal) and light reading. So if you came here looking for my thoughts on various topics, please keep in mind that I am NOT:

  • a theologian,
  • a dietician or a nutritionist (however I am aware of the distinction between the two terms),
  • an occupational therapist,
  • a pediatrician.
  • a school teacher (although I am a parent and that makes me a teacher of life to my child).

Except… there are a few topics that I do consider myself an expert on: graphic design, user interface design, user experience, branding, web analytics, A/B testing, user testing and a few search engine optimization and marketing techniques. However, I have my professional website blog for those topics, and you will not see me touch on that much here.

Image source: Thu Le